Can anyone tell me what is consdidered a low entry rocker, a moderate rocker, or lot of entry rocker on a standard shortboard? Also, how does more or less tail rocker affect the performance of a shortboard? Thanks. Dwight

My 6’3 thruster has over 5 inches of Nose Rocker, and I think it works great. Not the best at paddling - but its a shortboard, what do you expect. My 6’0 Mod fish had less than 4" in the nose, before I snapped it… now it has around 3.5". Paddles like… a Cuban 500 meters off the shores of Florida. Just can’t take it into steep sections. I’d say that pretty much spans the Shortboard nose rocker profile… Tail rocker aids turning by giving you more leverage, and it pulls the tail down, making it ride more “nose high” in essance, giving you more “dynamic nose rocker” - it also makes the fins more… potent, for lack of a better word. Though I’m not sure how these really applys to short boards since your riding on the back of it anyways - might be more of a longboard phenomenon.

From the center of your board out to about 12-18 inches toward the nose would be your entry, anything from the last 12inches of your nose is really just aesthetic and makes the board look nice. my board has 5 1/4inches of nose rocker but most of that is in the last foot or so of the board. Tail rocker as a broad generalization, more makes your board looser and tighter turning but you sacrafice down the line speed and drive through your turns.