Rockin Fig Board

I just bought a 8’6 traditional mini longboard shape from
Rick, (Rockin Fig). It has a wood lam, or vaneer finish under the glass on both
the deck and bottom. Rick said it was a PU board and it sure feels heavy enough
to be, but it has one of those serial numbers like surftech boards have on the
bottom of them.

Does anyone know who shapes Rick’s longer boards, I’d like
to get some 411 on the template and design of my new board – cheers!

OK, what am I missing here?  You talked to Rick Fignutti - shaper and owner of the Rockin Fig label - about your new Rockin' Fig longboard...and you think swaylocks would be able to give you more information than he could?  Not saying it isn't possible, but it sure wouldn't occur to me.

BTW, I used to have a Rockin Fig 9 footer, bought from C.L. ad Paso Robles, loved that board!

pix would help

Forget his name but he shapes out of Aloha Glass in Westminster.