Rockslide At Waimea Bay

About 1:00 am there was a huge Rockslide on the northside of Waimea, closing the road. Friends Tom, Troy and I took back hoes to open a lane but we were turned away… for “liability” reasons, the police said. Things here are no longer like the old days when we handled stuff like this on our own. They wouldn’t even let me take a picture

The slide is huge, crushed the fencing to “hold back slides” and filled the roadway all the way across. I doubt they will have it cleared for Saturday morning traffic and even if they do, they probably won’t allow traffic due to possibility of more rocks falling.

This could be another extended nightmare if the State can turn it into a disaster like they did last time to get Federal Money. They have been talking about putting chain link retaining fence on the whole cliff face. This will probably push them to do it.

In the meantime… Get ready to drive around the Island!

5:15 Yeah my friend Neal just called me from the scene on his way to Pipe, the road is still closed/unpassable. No one hurt but they are turning everyone around. Traffic will be a huge mess and crowds will be wacky; some spots people are gonna score emptiness, others will be ultra packed. I guess my dilemma whether to laminate this morning or surf, is solved…

I was on Oahu during the mess that the State made of the rockslide last time. That whole spectacle of people driving on the beach was a joke.

Get a small anchor and some line for your ski. Drive it up from Haleiwa and use it as a ferry. I bet the whole Ehukai stretch is going to be uncrowded this morning, at least until people figure it out.

If the State gives you crap for your ski just tell them it’s da supa ferry’s little bradda, mini ferry…yuk, yuk.