Rockwell/Delta 10" Tilting Arbor Saw

Hi guys,

I have a vintage Rockwell/Delta 10" Tilting Arbor Saw that I am currently storing in my garage for a friend. We have used it to cut agave stalks into timber to make a blank in the past, but halfway through the last cut it died. Seems like a fuse was blown, but we haven't really looked into fixing it seriously. We couldn't find a fuse box and gave up. Any idea where to look next? Any idea what this thing is worth? Not sure if I want to continue storing it in my garage as it takes up a ton of space. Thanks for any into. Pics below:

The fuse is located on the motor.  Usually it is a red button.  Unplug the saw and press the button in until you hear a click.

It should work after that.


Exactly correct, but also it is a thermal switch, so you can’t reset it until the motor cools down.

If Mark’s suggestion doesn’t work (or there isn’t a reset button)…visit and ask your question there. A cool crew of folks that focus on restoring and using old american tools (and your saw would only barely qualify for vintage there…there are more than a few folks with saws from the 1800s; most of the tools in my shop are from the 40s-60s)–someone there will definitely know what to check and potentially have a spare motor to replace yours with.


"Not sure if I want to continue storing it in my garage as it takes up a ton of space."


If storage is a problem put it out by the curb on scrap day and I bet it want be there long.

Table saw.  Dangerous tool.  I have a friend who has a hospital bill he'll never get paid off - for sewing his thumb back on - due to a careless error while using one of these.  Please be careful.