Rockwell/Porter Cable 653 replacement cutters...

I just stumbled across this listing for a machine shop that makes HSS cutters…  haven’t contacted him yet so don’t know pricing.

HSS Cutters for 653 Versa Plane - 10/18/2012

	        Custom Tool & Grinding is now manufacturing HSS Spiral 

Flute Cutters for the Porter Cable 653 Versa Plane.  Call for Pricing
and Details.  Greg @ 724-223-1555

	    -Greg S.

Gonna call him tomorrow.Thanks John

Thanks I'm also going to call.



Hi John,

When I first saw this I thought maybe you needed another cutter.  You know where to find one if you ever do need one.  That’s good to know, too, though. Mike

Hi Rooster -

They are back east and may have been affected by the storm.  My initial calls were answered by a scrambled message.  Today I got a message but called too late to talk to anyone in person. 

The replacement spiral cutters are hard to find and I know there are a few people here using the 653 planers.  Hopefully they won't be an arm and a leg.