Roger Hinds Glass Factory Visit

Just wanted to share that I visited Roger Hinds at his Country Surfboards factory in Westminster today, and it was quite a treat.  He just got back from glassing and shaping in Japan and I caught him before he went off to Brasil to do the same.  

Roger was kind enough to allow me to watch him glass today, and I learned more in six hours watching him than hundreds of hours on this site (no offense to the site, it’s treated me well, too).  I’ve had him do nearly all my Dutch Surfboards and they always get noticed in the water, but it was unbelievable to see his dedication to craft and attention to the smallest of details.  It was a real inspiration, and a reminder that it’s about quality, not quantity.

Check him out if you want top-end work…not too many people doing that type of glassing.

Ryan G. Kloostra

“Glassing…it kills braincells, but only the weak ones.”