rotating fins

Is there any emerging consensus on which rotating fin system is best? Apparently there are three systems (more?) out there. Wait a minute. There is no consensus on which “fixed” system is best; why we there be any consensus on “rotating”? Oh well, what does anybody think about them?

Which three systems are there with rotating fins?

I have used Edge with great results.

Theres at least three that I know of. The edge system, 4way fin system, and swivel fin system. Greg L. and others like the edge system. I have the 4way system but have not installed them yet because I am waiting for them to ship me some of their new templates. As for the Swivel fins, thats an Aussie system and I have not seen it here in the USA yet.

I like em too. I’ve set 15 thruster sets and one side bite set. The adjustability is great to have even if you don’t use it every surf. Why limit yourself to one toe position? Check Clyde will set you right up good!T

the edge system sounds like the one. Can you muddle through an installation without the special tools?

how much did the 4 way fin system cost you?

Nothing, I got lucky since my friend knows the USA rep and told him I was interested in trying the system and a week later a box shows up at my house with 3 sets of fins + plugs + jigs and a few other things to setup the system. Only thing I didnt get was a router but hey im not gonna complain. Its a nice looking system with quality materials used and what looks to be a straight forward installation. Also a growing selection of fins and I should recieve my new glass fins that have a double foil like the Future vectors next week. I will also say that they have been very friendly and helpfull and respond promtly to e-mails. I will post my thoughts after they are installed.

Greg, We have a fin installation setup in Melbourne and fins and boxes. Call Sam and let him install it or you can just use the setup to cut the holes in our shop.

Howzit Greg, Clyde would love to be able to be in on this thread but his computer’s hard drive took a dump. I delivered some EDGE lams to him yesterday and he said he has devised a way to install their system just using a router. It’s a good system and has turned a dog board into a magic board just by making a slight adjustment. Seeing that the system was created on Kauai we’ve had a lot of experience with it and it definitly works. Aloha, Kokua

The edge fins are an interesting design that certainly have an application. Being around hanelei, and having billy hamiliton backing them certainly helps. I remember surfing with john at secret beach a few years ago when the system was in it’s early stages. He was ripping on them. He had handmade carbon/glass fins that were pretty cool. The system could go somewhere, but not until clyde gets over his phobia of california. Helps to establish it where the big volume shops are, as well as some of the big names in this industry. I wish them luck!

Howzit STL, don’t know about any phobias but Clyde told me they are doing business with Rusty. John has moved back to Fla. and that should help somewhat when it comes to getting into the east coast market.Aloha, Kokua

Hey kokua! yea well, clyde has this little problem with cold water and overpopulation of kooks, I think.Ha ha! I heard that John was going back home. How’s sue and the baby? And is clyde still living by pine trees? Hope so, he’s gotta nice little existence there!

kokua, do you know if Clyde is any closer to a twin fin template?

Howzit STL, if cold water and to many kooks is a phobia then I’d say there’s quite a few of us with phobias over here. After living here well over 30 years I can only last about an hour in cold water before I freeze up. Clyde is a single guy these days but he’s got a little place in Hanalei about a block from Pinetrees. Aloha, Kokua

Clyde was good enough to force me out at 4 foot day at hanelei, on his 9’ 6" hambone 3 stringer noserider(if I wanted to surf with him on that day)! I got that whole thing in the tube somehow, and it was the craziest feeling! Clydes da man!