Round twin fins placement

Hello everyone !

I have been reading you a lot these last years and you guys helped me a lot ! After shaping few boards, here comes my first topic, so I hope I am in the right spot and that I do it the right way.

I am currently shaping a round pin twin fin, approximately 6’5 x 20’’3/4 x 2’’15/16 and I am struggling with finding the right fins placement.

I know that it can be different for every surfer and its foot placement but most of the information I found are for swallow tail / fish.

So I guess I should place them between 6.5" and 10" from the tail and 1/8" to 3/16" toe-in but that let a lot of possibilities so maybe one of you would have a more precise answer.

Thank you !

Some quick, general info at these links.

Twin fin / Keel placement? — Greenlight Surf Co..

Thank you, that help as a generic basis !

I like mine @8.5 -9" from tail for boards 6’6-6’10 with roundtail or rounded pintail.
On this 6’8 x 20.5 they sit at 8.5" and that works good for me.

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Amazing board ! Ok that’s more precise, and what about the toe-in ? :slight_smile:

Toe in:
I always use a long Masonite strip as a ruler (7’) and measure the offset to the nose.
I don’t remember exactly for this board, but it’s approximately 1.0-1.5" offset from the nose.

Took the board out and measured:
It’s 1.1/8-1.1/4" offset from the nosetip. (30mm)
Which measures just a smidge under 1/4" toe in over a 5" base at the fin. (5mm over 125mm base to be exact)

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I ended up placing them at 9" from the tail, 1/4 toe in, thank you for you help guys