Rounded Squash vs. Round pin?

What is the real difference in feel and performance between a rounded squash and a round pin? The board is going to be 7’10" x 22 x 15 x 3 1/8 with a full 17" beak nose, 2 + 1. I am not sure which way to go on the tail.

i’d go with a rounded pin for those dims.

I’d say with those dimensions you aren’t really going to be riding anything too steep, which is where the pin tail will help. My thoughts are to go with the wider squash as it looks like your trying to get a board that will easily catch waves. More info on what you want to get out of the board and where you want to ride it will be more helpful.

Squash tails are rounded off on the corners to help them transition from rail to rail. A board the size you’re talking about will benefit from a that’s drawn in a little in the last 6 inches instead of staying real wide all the way to tail outline because it will be smoother rail to rail and be easier to climb in drop on the wave face. A roundtail might me a good compromise but it all depends on what the conditions are like and how you want the board to perform.

Mahalo, Rich

The round pin has two distinct purposes–a) to go super fast on steep waves and b) to look good on the beach.

I ride a wide variety of waves year-round and the only time I need a round pin is when I visit my sister in Micronesia.

The squash catches waves better and turns better but won’t fit into the curve of a steep, barrelling wave.

That said, I just built a 6’0" round pin single fin that works insane when Swamis or Sunset Cliffs goes overhead…

Thanks for the help. I plan on the board to be used in waist to head high east coast waves. Conditions from groundswells to a lip that throws out some to sloping faces, but nothing super hollow. Nothing vertical but good top turns, cutbacks, carving. Ease of paddling is critical. Catching waves should not be difficult with the flatter entry rocker and volume. Right?? Thanks again!