Router help!

Im about to use a router for the first time (never installed pre lam fin plugs) - what will I do wrong and how can I avoid them? I’m using a 400W Ryobi trim router. Thanks!

if fcs two system you might stuff up and!!!

  put the  jig on wrong side of line…clearly marked right and left rail,carefull check twice.,


,…splinter the stringer on the centre plug causing wood to shoot off into foam…remove stringer in lenght ways passes ,.then rout clockwise only slowly on ends around stringer…


…touch the router on foam around what you have cut  really nice when removing router or worse still the jig…i oftern switch off  router wait for it to stop before removing…


look for how to video  on youtube

Thanks! I have watched a few videos so fingers crossed!

Count fingers before and after execution…30,000 rpm is unforgiving with sharpened steel…no hurry , take your time…secure jigs rock solid on board before turning on router

Broken boards, scrap foam, clamps. Test, Practice, repeat as necessary

Most of all, be extra careful.  I consider the router to be the most dangerous tool in the workshop.  Treat it with the same level of care you would or should give to a loaded firearm.

Make sure the shank of the bit is at least 1/2" into the chuck. Don’t forget safety glasses.

start off shallow and go deeper with mutli passes on the stringer vs 1" deep pass. I also cover the blank to keep clean from wood shards. wear ear plugs!!

I try to always use tool sober

Sober. Hahaha. Where is the thrill in that?  Having 10 fingers is over rated. 

 I use a harbor freight speed controller. About 50% normal speed seems less chaotic.

And mostly sober too.