Roy Sanchez

I’ve got a computer shaped Rusty plug finished by Roy Sanchez. It’s one of the best boards I’ve ever surfed! Computer generated plugs are the best… and they can be duplicated over and over. Wish this tech was available in the 60’s and 70’s; I’d still have that Hynson shaped Bayne, or that Takayama shaped Jacobs, or even that Dwayne Brown shaped Channin. Oh yeah, by the way, D.B. was one of the best non surfing shapers ever! I wish I had a program for a couple of those Caster round pins, too… Don’t cry over spilled milk, and don’t dis a guy that plows foam and doesn’t surf. Everybody does something… some do something very well.

I never had the pleasure to meet Dwayne, but all I have heard from those who are in the know, is he was one of the best craftsmen of his era

Roy is a excellant shaper and a all around great guy, too bad he has to work with the lunatics at Diamond Glassing.

Hey, guys design race cars and don’t even race them, guys design space shuttles, and nver go into outter space. You can be a great craftsman and not surf. PLus, it is the attitude that I judge anyhow. Roy is a great guy, unlike many who shape, surf, but then act like a-hole in and out of the water!