RR Epoxy & Fin Boxes

Quick question, I'm about to drop in my first set of fin boxes (probox) using RR epoxy with quick acting hardener.

Should I be concerned about the heat generated from the epoxy melting the boxes or the foam as it drys?



I’ve used fast RR (not quick kick) for several boards with proboxes. But they were in high density inserts already installed into light weight EPS core. I put a large bag of water underneath the fins to cool it down just in case. No problems so far.

I’ve not used the fast, nor the quick kick for boxes.  I use slow for boxes, but I bet people use the quick kick due to production time constraints.  The quick doesn’t seem to get as hot as the fast, but I’ve not let decent volumes of that version sit around long enough to see yet.  As long as you minimize the volume with good toleranced routed holes, you shouldn’t have a bad exotherm issue.

I’ve used RR quickkick in 1.5# and 2# eps to install proboxes and had no exotherm issues.I line the routed hole with a layer or 2 of 4oz glass though.

Do not do it all in one pour with QK or you are going to melt the foam if its EPS. Do it in 3 or 4 pours, thats how I have done mine with quick kick. My process might be overkill but I have not had a meltdown yet.

Line the inside of the box with a layer of 6 oz glass. Use just enough to epoxy to wet out the cloth on the inside of the boxes and then let them set. After that has hardened come back and fill the box 1/3 full and drop in the box, and let set. I then finish off with another couple of pours waiting for the resin to kick between pours. I also lay a layer of wax paper down over the box and place bags of crushed ice on the boxes while the epoxy is kicking.

I have melted a plastic mixing cup and burned my finger with the stuff so it gets plenty hot.

well then,you could rout a hole in some scrap foam and pour in an ounce of resin and see if it melts the foam.Even then with a box installed the resin is formed into a thin layer between th box and foam so there is less heat build up.

what's the temp like where you are at?

Thanks for all the responses.

The RR I'm using cures in about 30 minutes, not sure if that is quick kick.

I'm in Canada so its plenty cold, right now its around 35F. or OC. - With that said should I just drop the boxes in pour the epoxy and through it outside?

it’s all about the close tolerance hole fit

big gap mo resin get it ?

mo heat

melt foam

close tolerance 

way to go…

paint the inside of hole sure

mixing micro batches of  1 and 1/2 oz

is your bag…



Fiberglass Hawaii has a three minute epoxy that is the best for plugs.  It gels in about three minutes,  stays rubbery for about six more hours. then cures hard.  Gets a little hot during the liquid state, then cools back down.  mix some up and leave it in a dixie cup, and you’ll see what I mean.  It gets warm, but not so hot you can’t hold it.  No bubblling or smoking like regular epoxy.  Still do the FCS deep holes in two pours, but not sure you need to.