I have purchased the 3Lt value pack of Kwik Kick epoxy resin, about 4 months ago.

I opened the pack of 1lt hardener one week ago and I realized that the thickness (viscosity) is not the same as the other kwik kick hardeners I have purchased in the past. It has the same thickness as the epoxy resin so the final mixture is enough thick to give me difficulties to laminate 4oz fiberglass cloths in 20-25 Celsius.

I kept the hardener in an environment of 20 – 30 Celsius.

As of now the resin kicks well but the laminate problem exists.

1.    Have RR changed something in the hardener or I am just unlucky?
2.    Is there a way to purchase hardener separately?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Good morning

  • pour your resin.

  • put it in the microwave for 10 seconds.

  • take it out and stir.

  • back in for 10 seconds.

  • take it out and stir.

  • repeat until it’s warm enough that all the little bubbles from stirring go away.

  • add your hardner.

  • lam like a champ.

  • your potlife will be shorter so BE CAREFUL. if you overheat, your epoxy will exotherm

stop microwaving your resin as soon as you can stir it with no bubbles.

so is the hardener a different viscosity now???

That was the question.

yes, the hardener is a different viscosity than usual so the final mixture is to thick


thank you for that usufull info.

i am using a Hair dryer instead but the pot life is a problem for me.

Your way is far more efficient

You’re welcome…

In case it wasn’t clear in my first post, you should only be warming the resin. NOT the hardener.

CHRISH aaaaaaaaa….ok…I didn’t understood  that. I thought the hole mixture…

thanks once again

If KK has been sitting for a while it can get a little thicker.  Heating the resin 10F higher will thin the mixture to the same as it was which isn’t a lot of heat.  As far as reactivity or finished strength, niether of these are effected.  We don’t see this often because the resin usually gets used pretty quick.