Rubber or Rubber edged fins?

Anyone know of any thruster fins available which are made of rubber or have rubber on the leading edge?

Here is an example. There are other types out there. Just do a google search for rubber edged fins.



Yep i searched and saw the proteck but wondered if there are any others, doesnt look like it but I thougt someone else might have started making them by now

The product is protected by a patent.

that explains that then! thanks. Are those Proteck side bites? Pretty things! I wonder how much I will get bent over to buy them in the UK!

I cunted tell you about the shipping. They are sold worldwide in any reputable surf shop. All I know is that they fit like a glove and protect the femerol atery laceration like there is no tomorrow.


Hey Helter,


what about these:

If you buy them please write a review.



femeral artery, I was only worried about a graze, until now :smiley:

Beautiful board btw. Will check out Proteck. thanks

Jeepers! How did you hear about those? This justfies the thread and makes me very glad I asked the question now!

I will certainly do a rewvi. At that price, if they just friggin ARRIVE then they deserve a good review!

Shame they don’t have pink for the next board I am making but beggars can’t be choosers! I will be snapping up a pair of black border ones. I suspect they wil get shut down as that seems like something any money-grabbing patent lawyer will get his grubby claws into fast, not that I will be giving any heads ups! I suspect people would say they lack in some technical areas, but the rider of this next board won’t have a clue if they are good fins or not, and I am sure they will resist water so they gotta work at least well enough! Thanks for posting the link, are you affiliated with them?

( OMG - “05.00% Thermoplastic polyurethane” - I assume they have never spoken to NarrowAsleep )

Well my set of these fins arrived. I am absolutely blown away by the price. Not used them yet, but they will be going in my next board where soft edged fins are wanted. Cheap and cheerful, feel a bit plastic (no surprise as they are mostly plastic) but they will fit Fusion boxes, are straight and true, and have soft rubber leading and trailing edges so what more can I ask for at $20-22 delivered??!