rudy ray moore

off topic,cultural diversity includes adopting cultural mores
beyond our genomic roots.
Not speaking or writing chinese does not mean
we cannot become more sensitive to the effects
of 21st century surfing boards from china
and other non traditional surfing design and production
the revolution is within ourselves
Thank you go out to the free source brothers and sisters
that outsourced surfing soul to these new inovators that
freely share the insights derived from this evolving sport
lifestyle cash 40 years the people who are
starting to surf on wave storm costco surfboards
will be collecting vintage ethafoam boards from landfills.
promotional surfers and industrial giants in marketing
should be directly praised at their expatriate locales world wide
for the evolving nature of this the sport of plastic crowned kings.
Feel free to send plastic surfing action figures to your favorite pros.
Learn chinese. so you can read spam on swaylocks
it is actually great porn…

just stopped by
to wax retoricly
about beloved surfing…
and found spam…
too late to run for senate,
he died.

Saw the chinese spam early this morning and went to delete it but the answer to “cancel account” was “page not found”. This, a number of times; Finally gave in and went to work; Five minutes ago, I connected to Swaylock’s again and this time was able to delete Mr Chang, his account and its content…