Ruh roh, just glassed the bottom - got a mess-help!

Almost first board. Started on the bottom w/ 6oz S glass. Resin (@ 1.25 % mekp)started to kick about the time I was wrapping ( free lap) the rails. Now its gone off and I have some spots on the edge of the glass that didn’t wet out all the way even though they’re wrapped around. Will they wet out when I wrap the glass from the deck ( deck will be e glass, might be easier to work with)? Also have strings hanging down. Kind of a mess. Is this common? Fixable? Also I painted the rails on the blank - don’t want to grind away at that.

No worry.Prime the whole mess with a batch of lam resin and a small brush.The glass should wet out and the extra resin will protect the color work.Let it dry and clean up with a sanding block.You can cut the hardened strings with some scissors or a wire cutter…do this before you prime.It happens to the best of us.

hows that hey .remember all the pain we went through .then had to somehow figure out what to do with the mess ,then learn the hard way by trial and error … now with internet you can call for help and scores of experienced board builders are right there to help in an instant… man your in trouble sounds to complicated for me to help sorry… regards BERT

man, you don´t step these trouble stuff. it´s the only way to master the know how …

Thank you Cleanlines. I followed your advice and the rails are much improved. A very small amount of partially unwettable area ( probably sealed dry )still there - no more than the size of a quarter. Bert Burger sounds like he resents the internet. Probably not a very productive attitude.

Before the internet I can’t believe you never asked anyone for advice… Whats the difference?

You Kids better be nice or I’m gonna put you in you jammies and send you to bed without supper.

I fixed a little spot like that by slitting across it with a razorblade and dripped some styrene into it then pressed it down. Not perfect but better! Krokus

welcome to the clubs’ inner circle now you lnow why to use less catalyst and work faster…this will happen again but you will work faster and use less catalyst…using less catalyst and working faster will make you so happy you will shake your head and chuckle softly because you will someday have a batch go off again like the one that went off on me last night and got lumpy … lucky for me it was a filler coat …ambrose…every one knows how bad it feels except the ones who are not couragous enough to laminate their first and subsequent boards there are many who feel deeply for your perdiciment

sorry aa just an attempt at humour that didnt pay off , i was merely obserbving how much easier it is in our modern internet age to get help,when you can get access to professionals from all over the world… i knew you would recieve help ,so it was just a bad attempt at humour, regards BERT

My rules for glassing Laminating 1% catalyst Hotcoat 2% " Gloss 3% "