S Core vent plug problem

Just went to check the vent plug unwinds before putting in the local shop to sell and it was pretty stiff. Then the whole surround started to spin. How is this surround (anodized aluminium ) into which the vent plug screws held into the board? If it is just epoxied in then there is maybe a chance of forcing upwards without too much damage but if there is a nut for example behind the deck of the board holding it in I will probably have to cut it out. Any suggestions and also anywhere I can get another plug and surround ( old dead board for example ). Thanks


wow there is still an S core in existence?

I picked it up a year or so ago off ebay uk. Sniped a bid in last thing and it was supposed to be ‘used once’. Ha ha maybe by that particular owner but really had been repaired before but still cheap to try the shape and lightness. Funny bloody shape (Webber 6ft shortboard) but got me into pulled in narrow squashtails on shortboards.

There are quite a lot of ‘brand new’ S Cores on ebay uk, generally Arakawa, Webber but sometimes the odd Biolas. Usually flawed glass or yellowing. Strange, but I think there is a huge stock of blanks or boards that were seconds and some factory is machining them and putting the laminated signatures on. Unless its the same boards that appear to be sold being put on again and again.