SA 2004 Challange

I need a list of people shaping up a 91Y Natural for the SA meeting…Keith, Ambrose, LeeV so far…anone else?


Is it open to us novice board builders? Mike

Of course, what do you think we are???

I made this spoon out of a 10’1"Y.

I think i’ll do a fork this time…


For a start, I looked at the 91Y…

Next, due to ethical concerns, I rejected the concept of using the 91Y…

Instead I made a 9’1" Styrofoam Hollow…

That, I present for your consideration…

Do I get to play…???..


Sent you a PM. Count me in. If I have a vote on Mr. Jensen’s hollow above, I say yes, as long as he drags that little wooden fish down here, too. Mike

sick puppy!

I have no interest in a 9’1”. My brother and I are too big to comfortable cruise on a 9er so my first board attempt will be a 10’1”Y. If you’ll accept my 10’1” entry, I’m in.

Oh yeah, I also have a balsa hollow model that I built off the 9’1”Y spec sheet while I was bed ridden. It is roughly 9” and is too scale with the 9’1”Y. I’ll enter that as well if my entry is accepted :).

Maybe you and Paul can compete for the non-conformist award! Everyone’s a winner!

Thats good, I’ve never liked being thought of as a conformist, but I’m not sure it is fair to Paul to put us in the same catagory. I definatedly am not the craftsman that Paul is, but I’ll take it as an honor to let my boards near his.

Are there ANY non-conformists amongst us here…???..Hmmm…

…man I don’t know. Run that weed whip around that rock edging and then resubmit. We’ll see what we can do…

Just kidding Paul. nice stick!

Tom S.

I don’t think I’ve noticed any, Paul. Well, maybe one or two!!

I am obviously the only person capable of a straoght answer or ready to bend my self/creative bent to the criterion ,yes I am building an example of the 9 1 Y,in homage to the point of departure that it represents. that said I am also bringing a 6’0" chicka saurus rex doodle board of the 6’2C and the 73 becker from the raffle blank… the tenfoot albezia stringer board maybe…Gauntlet ? not likely to be coveteted by a group of this timber was a nice thought though the obvious lack of desire to fall in line is the primary drive gear on this swaylock all dimentional vehicle…ambrose…cardio pulmonary rejuvination for the soul stand in line 3 marked by yellow wavy line

Ive finished a 9’1Y, so pop me on it.