SA 2006

Annual West Coast Event (at Big Sur or ?)

Ambrose and I were talking about this and we both thought that September seemed like a better month than October.




Annual West Coast Event (at Big Sur or ?)

Ambrose and I were talking about this and we both thought that September seemed like a better month than October.




thats cool, it’ll be getting summer swells . . .

Count me in.

Sept or Oct , I’ve been saving some vacation time ,had a great time in 2005.

The waiting period for the Boost Mobile Pro is Sept 8-19 at Trestles. I like to go and see the pros rip.

Of course Swaylocks at Big Sur would be a higher priority!!!


I just did a quick search for available dates at Plaskett Creek and the group camps are booked through October - at least on weekends.

On a brighter note, LOTS of midweek dates are open for all three group sites throughout September & October.

Here is a link to reservation site… if it works, you should be able to scroll forward and back to check dates. In the past, we have reserved group sites 2 &3. Site 1 might be included as an option for overflow and parking backup? Parking has been something of an issue at past events.

In any case, please count me in as an attendee offering to help anyway I can.

Another option is Leo Carrillo. They have group sites and a good wave in September.

Secos looks like it has openings midweek as well. Other than random single days, all weekends are booked through October.

Max capacity = 50 people.


Oct.27/28/99 looks open at Plaskett Groups sites

group site is available for $329 Thurs, 10/26 -Sun 10/29

What about a mid-week event? With some planning, mid week / september would be in the south swell window. Either of the places…Also, much less of a crowd.


the cosmic

coincidence of the plaskett creek meeting of 2003

takes on even more significance.

the weekend popularity

of both these venues,plaskett creek and secos

is apparently under pressure.


the site of a low pressure alternative

could use some divine intervention.

to list the alternatives

would be a wide ranging

speculative adventure .

My mind instantly bounces from

refugio to el cap to channel islands to todos santos

in rapid fire,then I decide to slow down and

it bops to carpenteria and then to paradise cove

then to a weekend at barbara strisands for 70

she does rent out that barn for groups doesn’t she?

isn’t there a light house on santa cruz island that does weekend getaways?

the vandenburg cabins?

is somebody a 5 star general?

maybe the western white house?

is there a nixon memorial camping facility?

three days at cottons?

the cosmic providence that led the soujourning

Vaquerros de las olas to plaskett

will surely reveal an alternative for sept 2006

or perhaps sussing out the first day res date for sept 2007

should be considered

since the popularity

of the plaskett creek venue is so popular.

as with secos and other spots.


rent the whole ranch


or maybe just bixby

or pull up a 75 apacity yacht to gov’s

split the fee 75 ways

$300 apiece=$22,500 goes a long way.

would that singe the rancherios? or what

ho ho HO.Just an impish thought-fantasy

…is somebody a 5 star general?.. 'cause if someone knows someone who can sponser us we ‘should’ be able to get in a Camp Pendleton in front of Churches. You need a active or retired military to sponser the group. They have a group campground.

thats the spirit lads.


just a naval dependant at heart.


retired officers like colonels or captains in the navy would be helpful or relatives . . .

camp sites fillup quick in So Ca. for the summer. If no one steps up with a hall pass to a non public area shortly we will have to stay on the old PCH at SanO (the only campground that never is full; good reason why that is) if we don’t secure a spot. Any Ranch owners want to have a sleep over?

How about if some of us stop to smell the seaweed along the way? Don’t drive straight to Plaskett Creek in 6 hours when you can take 3 or 4 days to get there. We could have designated meeting places in day-use parking lots that don’t require reservations. For the folks heading north maybe the first day is Doheney, then Ventura, then Guadalupe (slide on the dunes if the surfs no good) and then on to Plaskett Creek. Sort of a snowballing effect with the crowd getting larger each day. Some people camp, some stay at Motel 6 and some sleep in their van and eat canned soy beans for dinner. The daily meeting at the beach is the main thing to have in common. Of course at the same time we also have a snowballing group of tribes heading south toward the big pow wow at Plaskett Creek. Of course we would need a group site reservation at Plaskett Creek, but perhaps a Wednesday/Thursday there is still easy to get.

As for September or October…I think some places might have bird restrictions in September. Last year I think our meeting was too close to Columbus Day. The spirits of the Chumash stirred up the ocean, like they were trying to dissolve rocks.

I’m in if I can hitch a ride with anyone from SD. If it’s totally booked up through sep. and oct., maybe we could do it over thanksgiving, If this global warming keeps up it should be pretty nice up there around that time.