Sacred Craft...Sacred Crawfish Boil!!

My buddy Tom has these parties once a year. We have dug up flower beds to have a spot to roast the pig in prior years.

There is always good people, exceptional food , and libations a plenty.

This year its crawdads and a keg. Obviously the crawdads will have all the accoutrements.

This is the Sat. of the Sacred Craft show.

He lives in Ventura off Thompson near the mall.

email or pm me if interested.

Count me in. Can I crash on the couch?

I’d bet the scene might end up like Big Wednesday minus the “CRASHERS!!!”

I’m sure there will be room.

Can’t wait Mikey, tell Tom to save me some Gumbo. I’m waiting on funds also to get the Coop, I’ll be in touch. “Get the loooooog ready!”

Mmmmmmm…tasty little bugs!!! Would love to drop by and help reduce the crawdaddy population.

This dude can cook! Real deal down home ( Slidell LA) cajun plunked down in Ventura. Can’t miss this one.

anyone interested in this shin dig aught to look me up at the COOPERDESIGN / Lance Carson booth.

mikefish knows!

Gents, can I also add that we’ll be doing a Thread booksigning with Patrick Trefz that same night up at Tom Curren’s store in Santa Barbara. Before or after the boil please come on by- Tom’s going to play apparently, but best of all we have a mountain of free Primo beer. Maybe we’ll head on by with leftovers after the show!