Sad News The passing of another Surf legand

I just learned that one of my surf or should I say life Heroes Dr Paskowitz has passed away. 


I could say alot of highlariously funny things about the guy; but not on a public forum.  Condolences to the family…  He was actually a pretty good surfer. Was just reading something he wrote the other day in the Journal.

I met the old guy a few years ago when he came to town with his son “Izzy” for the “Surfer’s Healing” event. For those who don’t know, that is a foundation that allows kids (like my son) with autism to experience surfing. He was, by the way, the dude who is creddited for introduced surfing to Israel. He had quite the life, and knew how it was to be lived…    May God accept his soul.


He was a super great guy who did great things.


Surf on.

I used to love his health and nutrition column in Surfer Mag back in the 70s. It’s where I learned the origin of the term “kuk” (aka kook).

The man certainly had his flaws. I had a long talk with Jonathan Paskowitz after a screening of Surfwise. Doc had a selfish streak and was a bit inflexible when it came to parenting. Some of his kids stopped talking to him for a while.

There’s a couple of funny bits in Surfwise. Try to find it online if you haven’t seen it. Not much privacy for a married couple in a camper full of kids. Plus, there’s that line about a certain ‘talent’ all men should possess :wink:

The sending surf-boards to Palestine thing was pretty cool. 

Just found out that he is, in fact, NOT dead…!

Sorry for posting this and hope everyone understands I was caought up in the rumor.  I hope Doc is doing ok 


no worries, lot of good thoughts got sent his way…

So now it’s true. Seems like someone who led an enviably full, uncompromising and long life. Always liked his folksy health/history pieces in Surfer when I was a kid. Onward into the whatever…





There will be a paddle out at San Clemente Pier for Doc Paskowitz on December 13 at 11:00 AM.