salomon s-core repair/help

after de-waxing my s-core today i found that the deck is coming away from one of
the polystyrene stringer type things.
its about 4-5inches long and pretty
much where my front foot lands, when i put pressure on it i can feel the deck
moving as it isnt connected.

is there anything i can do about this repair
wise? or just surf it until to breaks ect…

below i have attatched a
picture of the inside of an s-core which shows how the polystyrene? attatches to
the deck (not my board)

any help would be


if the glass is separated from the foam just cut out glass and reglass

if the foam is separated from the stringer then what i do is cut it all out the build a damn inside the board around the cut out area with some tape

then i use a 2 part pour foam that i get from US Composites( this stuff will expand about 10 times what you put in)and this stuff is really strong, and now you have a sturdy foundation

once the foam has filled in the hole and cured sand down to original foam ( so just a little bit below the glass) then i fill it with microballons colored the same blue as the board and then reglass

some pics of your board would probably help see whats going on

so hope this helps he and good luck

Hi -

I've never repaired one of those before but I think that if you can figure out exactly where the 'stringer' is maybe drill a few holes in to the stringer, inject a load of epoxy in to each hole, quickly tape over each hole, flip the board and weight it down so the deck is against the stringer as the epoxy cures.  Maybe 'pump' it a few times to spread the epoxy around before weighting.  If this is successful, the deck should now be bonded to the stringer and you can easily patch each hole. 

The trick will be drilling the holes in to the stringer and not just in to the air space inside the board.  Injecting epoxy in to the air space won't do you much good.Once you've drilled the first hole you could use a bamboo skewer to feel inside and determine if you're in the stringer or not.

......drill a hole near the tail - lean the board upright against a wall nose down , and pour flubber into the   hole.  When the hollow cavity is full up to the hole  , cap of the hole and let the flubber set overnight..... This will now be a real good board for doing 'airs".....(ps. don't use Chinese flubber !)