Salt Creek access

O.K. Guys I need a little help. I am taking my older brother to Ca tomorrow and he wants to go to Salt Creek to reminess the old days when he camped there. I know the Ritz Carlton is there but how do we get to the beach so he can see it. Not a surfing trip just a walk down memory lane for him. Where do we park and how to get to the beach. I haven’t been there for almost 40 years but have passed the Carlton many times in travel. Aloha,Kokua

hi Kokua! It’s great to be able to help you with all the help you’ve given here. The 5 freeway to Crown Valley Parkway. From the north (John Wayne Airport) go right on CVP. From San Diego go left. Take CVP all the way to PCH. Approx. 7 miles. At PCH take a left. Get in the right hand lane. Go through one signal ( a shopping center) and just past it is a right into the lot.

PCH south from Laguna. PCH north from Dana Point take a left at Nigeul Road. There is a Starbucks on the corner. The signal just past Selva.

The lot has machines that takes change and bills for parking. Park and walk doen the road to the beach. Can’t miss it. I’m outta town this weekend or we could hook up. PM or post if you have any questions.

Howzit surf4fins, Thanks for the detailed info. Always drive by there but didn’t know how to get to the beach. Used to surf Sallt Creek a lot but that was when the Young Bros still had it and loved the clothes pin on a stick that you put your $ on to enter. My perents leased a cabin on beach on the Monarch Cove side back in the 40’s for $125 a year. We used to camp there and Doheny alot when I was a kid.Aloha,Kokua

Long time gone. The clothes pin was before my time but I remember the naked bluffs and single fin pins. Your brother is gonna TRIP on the changes!!! Have fun :wink:

Stop at the Harbor House to eat. Good vibe. PCH to the Killer Dana shop (on the left of the one way) go left. One short block, red building.

hi Kokua!

How was the trip down memory lane?

Howzit surf4fins, My brother decided not to check it out. I thought it would be nice for him but no go. Thanks for helping out.Aloha,Kokua