salvage a damaged blank

HI looking for some advice from all you guys that know all the tricks…

I have a damaged poly blank. Not like a gouge, but I would say the best way to describe it is almost like a rip… So the blank otherwise is new (not skinned). This crack is crescent shaped and positioned halfway down and close to the stringer enough that there is no avoiding it.

What is the very best way of filling this before shaping the blank for myself? I would like to use some kind of filler / glue that has roughly the same resistance as the surrounding foam so that I can shape the board and rails without having to be too careful.

Much Thanks to all those who share knowledge on here!!!


Hopefully this picture will post… You cant tell from the picture, but it’s not just out on the rail. The crack is fairly deep and goes through most of the deck side as well. I was thinking that I could tape the deck side and fill with something. Just wondering what may be best to use.

I would break it off and then glue it back together and then shape it like normal. Or try to get whoever you bought it from to replace it with a new blank.

Sullivant, Thanks for the suggestions. The foam is kinda crushed back a bit (the crack is bigger than it looks in the photo) so I doubt it will glue all that well. I cant return the blank in this case.

Don’t put filler on it. You’ll never get it to shape right if you do. Better to shape it first. Did you buy this blank?

The crushed foam should a non-issue based on your photo. You’ll most likely plane into it by the time you get it to thickness. And if not you can always take a heat gun to it, that will expand the crushed foam at the surface. It really is a lot like doing a ding repair. Glue in a piece of foam in the damaged area and shape to match, but in this case it is just glue and shape. You will be able to tell it’s there no matter what unless you do an opaque lam. You can use lam resin to glue it up and tape to hold it in place.

Ok good advice… I was convinced that a filler would be the answer but sounds like that would create a crusty area.
By the way - I have read here to use gorilla glue the white kind and even Elmors… what is best ?

Forgot to mention the blank was damaged in shipping. I got a box of blanks and the rest were fine. I did get reimbursed for it. The blank is more messed up than the picture shows but I figure I can make something from it even if it won’t be perfect.

Glue the crack and clamp it, heat the dent, doesn’t look like a big deal from here.


Just shape it. If it breaks off then glue it then. Small dabs of 5 minute 2-part epoxy, a small amount, not touching the shell if possible. Strap tight with intertube strips or shrinkwrap. I think if you glue first you’ll have problems.

Yeah, Would wait to glue or fill it after shaping. You should wait and see if there are pieces falling off before fixing it. It won’t be cosmetically perfect but it will surf.

I think you guys are right. I mean it is still attached. If I shape it then I can deal with it later or maybe I will find out it’s not as bad as I thought.

First take a heat gun to it. Make a few passes and see if you can raise/expand the crushed foam. Then Shape the Blank and see where you are at. A lot of it will go away with shaping. Fill whatever is left with Ace liteweight spackle. Dry overnight and then screen the Blank with a worn out piece of 220 screen. Go ahead ask me how I know. Lowel

I vote for Mcding, 100%. I would try the damp towel and the iron to try to get it to expand the Spackle is gold. In Aus i use a product called spak filla.