same old

so after more than a week, the resin has still not fully set. I’ve got a heater on it and the temp in my shop is pretty warm now. I dont have much experience with this stuff and a few people told me to just wait it out, so I’ll just keep on waiting it out i guess.

Also i was out there one night showing my buddy the board and i left the board overnight laying on the bottom, which resulted in some lam bubbles forming. which sucks. do I just put little slits into all the bubbles before i put my next coat on?

And, i started taking all the cloth that wasnt saturated with resin off of the deck, is there anything else i should do before i put the fiberglass cloth onto the deck?

sorry about this (really) and thanks a lot.

a week…! damn man did you remember the hardner?..if you can , like if its still wet. i would pull all that crap off…if its pretty well stuck then keep waiting…bubbels …shure you can try using a razor and cutting then filling with resin…(add hardner),advise for the deck…make shure it goes off a little faster …oh yeah … lam resin will stay sticky , but not still wet after a week…more MEKP!

i think i could probably get the glass off of it. should i just pull all of it off?

*edit - ya i put catalyst in… obviously not enough but its in there.

i mean if its really that bad…and you can get it off without damaging anything …maybe you should try again…but im not there ,and cant see it too well…but just look and decide , is it going to be easier to try again or try to fix it…my problem was on my first one it went off way too fast… dry spots, bubbles, but i spent a long time fixing it and it held up fine…but if you want to and have the option to try again maybe thats the way to go…just if you do pull the glass of let what resin is on the foam harden completley or youll have your new cloth trying to stick all over it where you dont want it to…this stuff really needs to set pretty fast or your board wont last very long.