San Diego city coast, some acrylic sealer to sell?

I want to follow McDing,s advice on one board of sealing.  Futures, now Pledge Floor Care Finish, is not avail., I called the company to inquire, not avail.  Behr low luster concrete sealer from Home Depot, one of McDing’s picks is close to $30. a gallon.  Smart and Final Iris  Super-Crylic Floor Cleaner another of McDing’s picks is better priced at about $14. a gallon, avail. at Midway, not Clairmont.  Anybody in La Jolla, PB, PL, or Clairmont want to sell a quart? Private message for reply please.

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Pledge not avail in San Diego city coast, sorry for not including those words.

I think any concrete sealer will work just fine. The cheapest stuff works great to seal a board.   I don’t think there is anything too special about Pledge; then again, maybe I’m not doing it right.

The best sealer (no matter the brand) is milky looking in the jug.  Reminds me of non fat milk.  Looks cloudy, dries clear.  Two coats…  I don’t reccomend the clear sealers and polishes like Pledge.  When they are clear(ie water white). They tend to have too much acrylic in them.  Too much acrylic makes them harder to work with.  Lowel

One gallon will do a few dozen boards.

Gunkie, Any cheap stuff that works at Home Depot besides Behr at $30. a gallon ?

having tried them both I would never go back to the clear stuff, it’s just not as strong.  


Gunkie, Any cheap stuff that works at Home Depot besides Behr at $30. a gallon ?

I buy the cheapest stuff and it seems to work really well.  But keep this in mind and as has been stated in this thread, a little goes a long way.  A gallon of this stuff will do many boards, probably 20 boards.  So if you amortize the cost per board maybe it adds $1.00 or $1.50.  And as mentioned, do two coats.  First coat, dry, very light sanding, clean board, second coat, dry, buff.  Works good for me.  In addition, you can/should add a bit to your posca paint airbrushing mix (50% paint, 25% distilled water, 25% concrete sealer seems good).  And if you still have a lot left over, go seal a concrete walkway.

I haven’t used the Zep.  I will say that pretty much anything Zep makes is generally a good product.  Like most people involved in making boards;  once I find something that works well I stick with it.  The Behr product has worked well for me.