Sand dunes

Im sitting on the beach in howling onshore winds dreaming its gonna swing offshore when I look at the sand dunes. One is about 20 foot high. The wind is ripping up the sand dune and has created a slow curve to the top of the dune, a perfect 4 foot deep double concave is carved in with a one foot ridge created in the middle. The curve of the concave goes to the top of the dune and the wind has creATed perfwct bait tail like release points. Wish I could have got it on film, watching the sand rip up the concaves and exit over the top via the release points. It got me dreaming. I rushed home, got my wife and showed her, rang huei. Yup im tragic I know. But it was awesome to see and has inspired me to try something in the future. Has anyone been inspired by nature in their shaping and created something they normally would not have

Mother nature, "she giveth and she takes away" (always have your phone cam) this is on a par of having Velzy show up, drink all your vodka and make a mess of what you were doing!

jet bottoms …  wind ripples in sand dunes


  digger , please …  always carry a camera with you as you travel around australia in your bus ?!


 cheers mate !