sand throughs

I just made a black railed board and the sand throughs flash like lightning on a black sky.

Today I had to go to a surf shop to buy grub screws (why aren’t they included when you buy the boxes???) and was inspecting boards and could not find any evidence of sand throughs, not even around the nose and tails (swallows).  I had this feeling that they sprayed a clear coat.  One board had black rails and that one for sure they sprayed the color, I’m thinking over the hot coat (it was matte black).

Does anyone know what tricks production shops use to hide sand throughs?  Or are they really that good to have zero sand throughs? If they’re that good,  how dey do dat?

Good laminations, good hot coats, and lots of practice.

They are really that good.  Having told you the truth; remember that if you sand too much on any tint or opaque, over sanding will show.  Go back and review the process;  grits, pads etc.  and remember that your sanding is only as good as your hot coat.

real cowboys seal the blank

lam,and then hotcoat

and gloss all in black

and if johnny cash

was the glasser

he would wear black

chuck taylor high tops 

and black overalls.


basa does it with red

comes out real red.

basa does real good red…

read the pigment bottle


blow your mind…