sanded finish

what grit should i go to for a nice sanded finish board, looking for that flat finish??

220 is the industries standard.

I go 320 sometimes 400.Herb

Howzit teddy, 320 grit is what I take it to, then apply acrylic finish, knock that down with green scrubber and you have a nice speed finish.Aloha, Kokua

should the final sand be wetsanded? or dry? what will give the smoothest look w/ less scrathches?? thank guys

400 grit water sanded…clean finish. I use my sander at lower speed with the soft powerpad.

-Pura vida

What acrylic finish do you use? Regular clear spray paint?


-Pura Vida

Howzit teddy, I don’t wet sand anything any more. Aloha, Kokua

Howzit Cabeto, I use the acrylic paint thinner from Fiberglass Hi. which is basically like the Future stuff that Herb Spitzer talks about. I think the only difference is the price, the Future costs more. I pay about $14 a gallon and you can do a whole lot of boards with a gallon. I figured it costs me about 25 cents to do 3 coats per board.  I know there's info in the archives on acrylic finishes. Aloha, Kokua