Anyone suggest a good sander or grinder to do some sanding? Milwaukee?

Milwaukee’s are pretty much the standard - but expensive. I have the 7" Harbor Frieght sander. Works fine, kinda noisy, very inexpensive. Check the link…

Is there a stomp pad or soft pad for the harbour freight sander?

RI, not sure what a Stomp pad is but… They supplied mine with the polisher head and a semi-hard pad that has the velcro hooks affixed to it. I had a soft pad that I use with it to sand that I bought at a marine store. It works fine and the price was right for me. I’ve got two. Eric

PS - the velcro-hooks pad is good for buffing with a scotch-brite. I just press the scotch-brite into the hooks (centered) and it stays - as long as it’s decently centered.

howzit RIsurfer, I have 2 Makita variable speed grinders which I prefer over the Milwaukee’s. The reostats on Milwaukee variable grinder has a tendency to burn out and it isn’t cheap to get them fixed. In fact Basa had his fixed and it only lasted 2 months before it burned out again. 1 of my Makitas was bought in 95’ and the other in 99’ and i’ve never had any problems, not even put in new brushes and these get used almost every day. Makita also weighs about 4-5 lbs less. But my next grinder might be a Hitachi variable speed since I’ve heard some good things about them. The choice is yours but do some research first since you’re looking at about a $200.00 price when buying a grinder. Aloha and good grinding, Kokua

I agree. I have used baoth Milwaukee amd makita and find the Makita to be superior. get yourself a couple of power pads and some 3M 90 spray cement and your in business