Sanding foil on twin keels.

Im a big fan of twin keels however my foils are slowly getting a little damage.

Nothing mager justa few little fractures.

Anyway while fixing these glass on (fibreglass) fins im wondering what effects it will have on my surfing

in different waves if i change the foil.

For instance if i change the foil instead of double sided to single sided foil will it greatly effect the drive or hold?

This board is this model here

Check out the video on this model.

I love the down the line speed and hold of this board in good lined up waves but i find it a little hard to do floaters or surf peaky waves on.

Maybe thats me, a better surfer probably could but i find single fins etc easier to float on.

Anyway interested in messing with the foils while im away with this board but want to ask on here first what you think will happen.

I have been riding a Pavel classic fish for the past couple of months with twin foiled Keel haulers.

In my experience they are not quite as drivey as single foiled keels but they are a lot more forgiving and smoother. Fore example my backhand turns on this board are as smooth as a thruster. Sorry I can’t comment on floaters I always hit the oncoming section.