Sanding Hotcoat by hand

Tried the archives but couldn’t find the info I’m looking for. What grit(s) is everybody using? Does sanding by hand change anything dramatically? Really any tips would be appreciated.

Depending how clean you lam is, you can start with 60.

If the rails have puddles and undulations, start with 50.

2-3 sheets of each, go to 2 sheets of 80, then 2 of 120.

I hand sanded all of my first 120 boards, but actually, sanded only about 90 of them. Sometimes, I got lucky with perfect lams, and with slight sureforming, used the hotcoat as a gloss final coat.

Notakook, I do a lot of my sanding by hand on the hotcoat, especially when the bottom is complicated.

I’ve found that starting with 60 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper and a hard wood block is good for knocking down small bumps and irregularities. Then I use 100 grit aluminum oxide to finish it up before glossing.

My sanding block for this operation is made fora half sheet of sandpaper, and has cork glued to one side. After the board is smooth I switch to the cork side. It cuts quicker. Doug

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Be careful with really coarse sandpaper, light glass and a heavy hand. You can damage the glass, leaving deep visible scratches that won’t come out.

I used to do all handsanding, but have gotten more proficient with the power sander, lately, and really appreciate its efficiency. however.

i’d say start with 40 or 50, as leedd says depending on how lumpy the hotcoat is, 2 sheets minimum. I use a piece of pine 2x4 for the sanding block, and wrap the whole sheet around it.

then go to 80 dry. 2 sheets minimum, to get out the scatches the 40/50 left.

then go to 80 or 120 wet. gets out the scratches the 80 left.

at that point, for my backyard self, i’m ready to wash it off, let it dry, and get ready to gloss.

Thanks for the tips guys! The hotcoat is pretty bumpy on the rails but relatively smooth on the deck and bottom. I’ve got one or two spots where it looks like the lam is showing a bit. Should I hit that real quick with another coat or not worry about it and just sand and then gloss. Doing a quick roughing and then reapplying another coat is what I’d assume is the best option!