Sanding hotfoot AFTER I surfed my boards

Hey guys,

I know it sounds somewhat unconventional, but when I built my first boards in summer, I couldn’really keep up with my planned schedule, so when I left for a raodtrip, my boards hadn’t been sanded yet.

I’m back home and have a couple weeks before going surfing again, so I wanted to finally sand those boards hotcoat. 

However, after removing all the wax, I realised, that they alreday have slight pressure dents (is this normal? I surfed them for 3 months on a regular basis; epoxy 6/6+6). I guess sanding an already dented deck might make things worse? 

To give you a better idea…

Also, my leash loop turned kinda blueish (that RR colour). Any way to get that a little clearer?

Sand just the bottoms?

I wouldn’t touch the decks

That’s what I thought too, guess I’ll do just that. On this one I got wax all the way up to the nose anyway, so no harm there. Thanks chris.

I have sanded decks like that, using wet sandpaper and my hand (no block), no problems.

Looks like you got a nice clean fill coat on the deck.  Just leave it.  Hit the bottom and rails and call it good.

Same with the color on the leash loop.  Shy of grinding it off and starting over with clear resin, you’re stuck with it.  It looks like it’ll hold OK.

FWIW - I’d say the deck is holding up fairly well compared to most conventionally glassed boards I’ve seen.

Yeah the deck looks fine in the pic, it all gets covered in wax anyway.  But sometimes doing ding repairs you have to sand a bumpy deck, I have wet/dry sandpaper in a variety of grits, and can sand pretty much any surface easy peazy. I agree most modern boards look worse after 3 months. I add deck patch extra layer of glass on mine, but still get foot wells, esp on my back foot area.

Blast from the past!

We use to just sand the rail laps wax up and GO!

The revolution days,  those boards were only valid for a month or two


Thanks guys, I’ll just leave the deck then and sand the bottom and the rails.

Sanded my fish yesterday, went quite well, it even was fun actually. You’re sorta working out the original shape of the board, reminded me a lot of actual shaping of the blank. I used a regual sander. 

I recognized a small spiderweb-y thing on this board though. Diameter of an 1’’ maybe. It is not really soft, but also not as sturdy as the rest of the board. Am I being paranoid here or does this need fixing? I tried to take a pic, but it wouldnt really show. May that already answers my question?

I would fix it because those things can take on water and turn brown over time.

So, I sanded the bottom and the rails and left the deck alone. Kinde pulled a McCallum here haha, only in a pretty crappy execution. But if you use pretty sturdy tape and actually take some time, it might turn out like his gloss/matt combos. 

Anyway, thanks again. I’m just fixing the rail ding on my other board, sand that one too and hopefully today or tomorrow I’ll start with those other 2 boards.