Sanding tinted lam before next layer?

I just finished up my first lamination- 6oz tinted RR fast on EPS deck- It turned out fine and I am happy overall, but I got way too fixated on the laps/wetting the rails that there are some spots with excess resin on the flats (where you cannot see weave)- the deck flats started gelling while I was messing with the rails/laps so I was hesitant to pull more resin out to the rails after I had the laps wet/tucked. I plan to now glass/cutlap the bottom of the board and then go back over the deck with a second layer of 6oz clear. Should I sand the deck lamination (obviously the tint is darker in the excess resin areas)? Or should I just live with it and not risk sanding into the cloth?

Hand sand the over saturated areas with 60