Sandpaper Brands

Norton hardware store grade gets the boot for me. Loses its cut in about 30 seconds flat. Any recommendations?

Klingspor.  I have used 3m and ‘graduated’ to Norton wich does the job.  Then I received a tip on Klingspor.  Since my supply of Norton hasn’t run out, I only bought a few sheets of Kingsor.  I like what I’ve used so far.  Buy online here:

It might not be the brand of sandpaper, but the abrasive.  In my opinion Flint is bad, Garnet and A/O are good.  Backing paper and adhesives can also play a part.

I second this! I bought a heap of Klingspor on Surfdings recommendation, and it hasn’t disappointed. Buying online from the US works out to under half the price of buying it (or inferior sandpaper) locally in Oz.

I bought the 6" peel n stick disks from klingspor.I got the packs of 50 disks and got grits 80,120,220,320,400,600,800,1000,1200,and 1500.I spent around 165$ and it was worth every penny because i dont have to buy any other paper at all.This stuff has a nice light color to so you can shape eps with it and the granules arent visible in the foam.Having one brand of paper with all different grits is the way to go,when you mix n match brands  you tend to get mix n match results.This brands 320 cuts more than that brands 220 if that makes sense.





Norton 3X with the cloth like backing rocks on my mikyta. not sure if that is the same brand as you describe. What is your sanding technique after fill coat and final coat?. The timid sander who starts with too fine of a grit is hosed from the start..