Couldn’t find anything in the archives on this.  What is everyone’s favorite brand?  I got turned on Hermes for sanding EPS by someone on this forum cough Mike cough and the stuff cuts EPS great without clogging.  Been using Norton A275 for epoxy and it works pretty good for that.  Then again nothing seems to work great on epoxy.  What’s everyone else using?


festool brilliant 2 pads for sanding epoxy, theyre not cheap but ive had contamination issues with other brands due to chemicals used to prevent clogging

brilliant2 if im not mistaken were originally designed for finishing solidsurface materials such as Corian so not only can they deal with hard plastics they also do well for polishing over.

i do find that run with a good extract system (im using them on a festool rotex with a festool extract) they wear out before they clog up.... postcuring helps too :)