Santa Cruz City Council Meeting highlights

This is a good laugh if you have a few minutes. They could almost sell tickets to these meetings.


#4 is a pretty good freak show too…

Hey: all the 60s drug burn-outs had to wind up SOMEPLACE…

Hey, now, I resent that.  I have never nor will I ever participate as a city council member.

Thanks for posting the vids. Good ol’ Santa Cruz.

Go Slugs!

politics is just show business for ugly people. 

It’s nice that the schizophrenics have a forum to voice their concerns.  I don’t know why so many live in SC, but there seems to be more per capita than anywhere I have lived or visited.  Mike

Man that was great! The good news is that these people get only one vote.



That was crazy!

What’s in the Water up there?

this one takes the cake. i spent a few years working on issues relating to urban edge/agricultural lands and attended a lot of meeting. so many wingnuts show up and bla bla bla. gnarly. makes you feel bad for the city council and their staff

The people and the politics of Santa Cruz are an integral part of the whole Santa Cruz experience. It's part of what makes it special, just like right hand pointbreaks and redwood trees. If you take away the crazies, you might as well be in Costa Mesa or Del Mar. Of course, that's easy for me to say, I haven't lived in the city for 25 years...

Control-freak former 60s radicals on one side of the table and the mentally ill on the other (or is that redundant)?  Would indeed make for some frivolous political slapstick if there weren’t such important issues hanging in the balance.

Oh, well…