saturating laps

i have found an easier way to saturate laps for me. when laminating fiberglass cloth to foam blank, spread and squeegie resin to top edge of rail, then lift dry glass cloth along rail and brush resin with one inch brush on to rail of blank then put glass cloth back down. put more resin along rail and squeegie it. I had much better luck doing it this way, no dry spots on cloth and probably saved some resin. I know that the pros and very skilled can saturate better and faster but for the amatuers who make one or two boards a year, this saves a lot of frustration.  

I have always used this technique. One other advantage is that you waste almost no resin. This is also how Jack Reeves glasses his boards.


I guy who used to post here told me to fold back the glass the way Jack Reeves does, but wet the rails first when using epoxy. I like this method because it uses less resin.

I use different techniques depending on how much glass and kind I use. Good surfboard glass wets out really well and easy, and Jack’s method is great.

I have some glass that needs to be wet on both sides or it won’t saturate.

The method you ‘‘found’’, was in use as early as 1960.     `That’s when I first observed it being used, on the then normal glass job of double 10 oz, both sides.      In all likelyhood, the method predates 1960.     The method sure did simplify the wetout of double glassing.       After observing a top glasser doing it, I immediately adopted the technique.

A “throwaway” 4 inch roller does a better job.  I used to use the wire handle ones that FGS Hawaii sold, but haven’t seen those in awhile.  So I use a “weenie roller”…  Cheap enough to throw away.  But can be reused if you use UV.  Drop in the bucket and cover with a towel.  If you get your technique down; You don’t have to even flip the cloth.  Lowel

This how I do it.

I first saw it at Inter Island surfboards hawaii circa 1964. Also saw it at Glass Research in Jax Fla 1967. I have been doing it on and off forever.

It works really well but there are little tricks you need to pay attention to. I only used a squeegee.

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