Savannah, and Charleston coastal area.....

Who are the Swaylocks forum members in that area ? I’m hoping to visit that area in the fall. First time there was in 1949, as a child. Next time was 1969, getting Surf Systems off the ground. I’d like to do a little fishing this next time around. A visit to Daufuski Island would be nice too. Any info on those areas, will be appreciated.

Bill, I thought I posted this already but don’t see it. Grasshopper is in CHS and knows the area well.

CHS has turned into a fabulous foodie town. Ppl will drive for miles just to eat there. I lived there for years and return often to visit friends. I can give you some restaurant names and places to stay. Ping me if you would like.

And contact Grasshopper.

All the best

Bill; I’m fairly certain “cleanlines” is in the Savannah area. While in Savannah you may want to head out to Tybee Is. This is the nearest beach and will provide an opportunity to view the backwaters and accesses to the islands between town and Tybee. Fort Pulaski is on that route. Built in the early 1800s, its legacy includes the demonstration by the Union Navy and its large, rifled guns that the fortification was not invincible. Both Savannah and Charleston are extremely beautiful and their town centers have an old European charm. Have fun.