Save a Shark Today

Please check out the link above, check out this non-profit organization called Shark Truth, and kindly leave us a comment on the link above to show your support.

We are pledging on not having shark fin soup on our wedding day - Save a shark today to create a better and FIN-tastic future for us all!

I admit it…I’m a shark killer and damned proud of it!!!


Shark is not on the menu today.  We are having White Sea Bass.

I dont really understand this post but ,I was in Japan a few weeks ago and got to eat shark fin soup , tasty stuff . I also had a friend almost lose his life to a shark attack . Not everyone likes sharks .

i dont think theres anything wrong with eating shark just as long as your using up all the meat and not wasting it, but shark fining i think is a terrible practice

but im going on a suicide mission up to Oxnard tomorrow night to go get some white sea bass, so hopefully ill be eating like Ghetto rat

Can I save myself from a shark instead?