SBC big guy shortboard

Advanced 100kg+ rider. Board for small to medium waves mostly punchy.

Evolution of a sweet potatoes, we go 6’0 x 21"3/4 x 2"3/4, keep flat deck and bevel rails of SP but reduce tail width with wing in a stinger style. Bottom is a deep double concave that open in vee.

Blank cut in 1.9# bloc, composit profile stringer in center deck and along bottom rails. Deck is made with one layer of fiberglass laminate with epoxy foam and 6oz RR KK over. Bottom is 6oz RR KK green tint.

finish board:

Hey Lemat,

Did you say that you do your rail-bands with a hotwire?

If so, very impressive.  

Does your epoxy foam saturate the cloth readily?  Am I misunderstanding your technique?  Or is your epoxy foam a shaped blank pre-treatment before laminating the cloth?

All my shapes are done with hotwires. Here for flat deck bevel rails, i just cut bevel with an electric saw.

I do both, on bottom i seal foam with my foam resin, on top i laminate a cloth with it. For same weight my deck skin is thicker so stiffer so more résistant to pressure and buckling.