SBC - Entry # 275086 (build thread)

I built it. 5’11" x 21.50" x 2.75".  Fish outline without the notched tail… makes it a ‘Flounder’.  Sanded to 400 dry by hand because my sander burned up.  Hope to wet sand to 600 before I surf it this weekend in the San Diego area.


Very, very nice!

Looks like a Ripper.

Great fin set up, Amigo

Flounder?  Looks more like a Fluke.

Nicely done G. Anyone else thirsty for orange soda? Is that a paint spray pre-glass?



Dang it.  You’re probably right.  Too late, though, already put the ‘Flounder’ lam under the glass.


A Home Depot $10 airbrush and used about 1/4 of a $3 bottle of orage poster paint thined 50/50 with distilled water.  Spray on foam.  Never used an airbrush before in my life.  I’ll never go back to a spray can, especially on EPS when a little acetone in the spray will cause a lot of problems.