SBC rightous Buidt

Me riteous built for the SBC chellange. look at me tight shape, perfect concaves blended baby…riteous!!

What colr should i make it, what fin set up I’m thinking meybe a quad or a 4 fin?

can anybody give me fin placement for this the board is 7’2" x 3" thick

also glassing schedual? meybe 2x6 with a patch, and 1x6 bottom with a color lap?



Why is the nose so pointed?

I now, I took a long time on it and probeble removed two much foam, do you think I should cut it down a few inchs? or meybe i sould add some foam to it has enyone ever added foam to a finished shape?  I took a long time blending the con caves do you think they flow? sweet smooth runner chathat ching.  also what size cloth should i use? and fins i was thenking meybe using a widow makerset up. somthin like a 9" center with side bites in  4 3/4 x 4 3/5…or meybe 5 x 4 1/4? one more things guys sohuld i put hard edges all the way back

I think that’s the tail.

Is that the top or the bottom?

Nice pics what website did you take them from?

just too mean…sorry deleted.

Nice spiral V


Nice proud stringer, do you own a small hand plane?   That thing going to be fun to sand.


Is the board dun yet ? Any pics hombre’ ?


the board turnd out rightious!! But i didn’t get any finalizes pictures and i broked it on a trip to peruto escuendo! it pulled into a big beach barrel and snapped on the duckdive. i real need to learn how to duckdive in 15-25ft beach break.

tnks for askingbout me board!

Do your keepers ever let you out of that blue cinder block room?   Tell the truth.  Mike


me shaping room is a rightous place my domeicile away from me parents. i had to convert my moms vegetaible cellar / tornado cellar into this room. when im done i have to move the mom stuff back in, but right now its me rightous place.

Does your mother still make you shampoo her hair?  You can tell us the truth.  Mike

roster…if that is even you’re real name ha, ha it probabley made up. it ok to make fun at me but why my mother. mother hair is short like babves on walking dead, so she no need a shampoo.ha ha.  But mother when i was little used to let me wash her back in the tub. but i grew up and that would be weird for a teenager to be doing that anyhow, right?


So, you admit that you were a ‘‘mother scrubber’’ eh ?

I don’t think someone such as yourself should think scrubbing your mother’s back in the tub is wierd.  Take care of your poor old mother.  Nice board by the way.  Are you going to laminate this one, or surf it as is?  Mike

Y R U guys being dicks of cource i glassed the board, i told you i broke it on the rocks at perto escondedio. my shapes rock so yes i am the mother of all scrubers!!

teach you a lesion roster n threkill if that even your real names.Your posiers hear is my latest sweat shape. It’s made from dow foam pink eps like the pink panther i might call it the pink panther. this will be my frist buildt with eps foam and guarenteed to be a winner from what everybody saes. i glue it up with epoxy andlayer of glass to make it strong but ez two shape. useded a natural rocker cause board neds to b fast for perurto waves. once i get theotter side done think ill glass it wtih single6 or mebe triple 6? whatdo you posiers think. anybody git me a bro deal on some fins n boxes?


I think…

I understand.


Humor is a difficult concept…