scanned and feathered

two things ...


  I worked out how to scan photos now




Tonight , I received six really nice small feathers from 'superman' [Rowan].


 So, my questions ...

1.  Has anyone here made fins with a feather inlay ?

2.  If so , did the colour[s] stay in the feather , when the resin hit it ?


they are sorta tiger-stripe patterned , and I'm hoping to shape two small fins around the shape[s] of the feathers , for a test ... be continued....


[the scanned black and white 8x10" photos that I loaded onto my computer albums on friday night will hopefully end up on my blog and or facebook and or here , soon ?]


  cheers guys !



i did something diabolical with the fins you sent me

i created a 7fin monster...............i call it a ghetto model !


…photos please , herb !!

"1.  Has anyone here made fins with a feather inlay ?"

Search Halcyon.  I'm sure he has done some with feathers.  Maybe PM him?

"come in halcyon ..."  are  you still here ?


  long time no see


  cheers John !