So sad. Creased my new sci fi maybe 5-6 surfs in. Luckily it was second hand at $650 and not $950. Decided to punt on a section that looked way too good to do so, landed roughly, rolled body onto board where I creased it on the deck, front foot type area.

So I’ve cut the creased glass out, some of the damaged foam, filled with micro balloons and epoxy, sanded flush.

Questions: how much glass on top? One small diamond shape, one larger on top? Two patches of 4oz or one of 6 oz or two?

I’ve fixed 3 or so PU snaps and with great success. Just don’t want to add too much weight.
And also how much do I scuff either side of the snap and to what degree to get it to bond?

Damn fragile ass surfboards, going to try to build a timberflex one day!!

As many of the big brand “ultra top magic super light carbon blabla tech” those build deserve eps/epoxy so much ! You can’t make lite and durable with so less cheap material, but so profitable…
So here fill with a thick micro mix, use as micro as you can, dry mix, to reduce weight. Reshape and glass with 2x6oz, sand and finish.

Is the stringer carbon, HD foam, just color or what?

It’s a “springer” set down from the deck a bit. The top black stripe is just for looks I’m sure.

How wide wither side would you suggest? The crease is 10mm probably

Diamond pattern, bigger layer first on board fibers at 45°, cover 10cm at least at minimum, smaller layer over fiber at 0/90°, 5cm shorter. Sand well first to décrease thickness of lam, bet there is not much. Sand rep lam a bit to reduce overlaps of fiber then large hot coat and sand again.

Wait, smaller patch first then larger layer over the top, that’s what I’ve always been told

pretty sure you want a bigger layer first and then smaller on top so that you can feather it out nicely before you hotcoat for final sand

Yes bigger layer first and shorter over so you don’t cut top fiber when you sand but you can do in other way if you want not a big difference.

Awesome. Thanks guys. So I’ve sanded the existing glass down so I can see the weave a bit, should have good adhesion? I just haven’t done a crease before and as the board is in relatively good Nic I want to do the best job possible.
Not like my other snap fixes where you’ve got nothing to lose really

Yes if you see glass it’s good.

Laid it up like you suggested gents, the tape is just a guide. I suppose as long as I keep my wax jobs fresh, it shouldn’t weigh too much!!!

Ok now sand edge of glass to reduce steps then do a hot coat that goes at least 10cm past the glass on each side. Let cure well and sand again to match board, a rattle can spray finish, and go surf.

oh yeah a dirty wax job will sink a board for sure! When I have a bad sesh its usually bcuz of dirty wax or if I forgot to cut my toenails and trim my nose hairs - the extra weight just bogs something terrible!!

Learnt a lot with this repair. Like I said, gonna try a timberflex deck on my next build. Should be fun!