If you have a Tandy Leather shop nearby, they are having a sale on some pretty decent scissors. These are realy nice and are used for cutting leather so, on glass they work great. Normally $50, on sale for $25. Just a tip.



Are these the ones?

Do you think there are good for carbon fiber or Kevlar?

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I saw their page for granite slabs.  $50 a square foot for a work table.  I throw bigger offcuts away!  Any of you leatherworkers want some granite slab for free?

Bring it on!

Hello S'Ding, the ones in the ad were all chrome and I believe 10 inch. The cutting edges are not serrated but straight bladed. I'm going to try to get some tomorrow. If I do, I'll let you know and give you the catalogue number.


ps, The granite slabs are 1&3/8 inch thick and not a bad deal for a sharpening surface. The bigger one will allow  wider thickness planer blades to be worked.

Thanks for the heads up Tim, if I hadn’t just picked up a nice pair of WISS serrated for $5 at the swap meet, I’d be stoked on those.


Hey Mike, Scored huh? Yeah Tandy used to be right on Main St. and they moved over to central Oxnerd.

Hey S'Ding/Michael, the scissors on sale are the "Craftool Pro Super Shears". Item #:3050-00 On sale for $25.00, regularly $45-50.

I have 2 pairs of WISS.

I’m looking for a inexpensive pair for HYBRID Cloths.


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tblank that is a good deal.


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Hey surfding,have you tried zipsnips on the hybrid cloths.The things go through 2 layers of 6oz like its not even there.Ive never used them on carbon/kevlar but am curious on how they would do.

Jesus I have not tried them?

I’ll look into them.

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Jonard Ergonomic Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutter With High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades