Scripps Luau board

I’ve wanted to post some pictures from the 2004 Scripps Cancer Research Luau for awhile, but haven’t done it for a couple of reasons. One of them is that I didn’t want to seem self indulgent. But what the heck: the whole event was so positive, and the vibe was so good. Everyone helping and giving. What an experience! It was a Who’s Who of surf history, and everyone was there to give something of themselves to a worthy cause.

My story: (Forgive meif this looks like self-promoting. I don’t mean to.I just wanted to pass along some of the joy we experienced, and show a few wood details that may be of interest) Three of my pals at Cardiff threw in some money and I threw in my time to make a board for the auction, not knowing what a lowly board from a shaper that nobody even heard of, would do. As it turned out, some people liked the board and, with the help of a really good auctioneer,two guys got into a bidding war, and it turned out to be a good day for cancer research. Overall, between the silent auction, active auction, raffles, and tickets, the event raised over $200,000.00.

The pictures are of the Cardiff Reef Boys board.

The Duke stamp is in a frame of Koa and Ebony. The nose and tail blocks are Mahogany and Basswood. T-Bands are Basswood and Cedar. Doug


“a lowly board from a shaper that nobody even heard of”

Yeah right - That board is beautiful!

Good lookin’ board! Thanks to Swaylocks, unknown shapers like myself have been able to get exposure at last. People really like the Luau boards, it’s for a great cause (and they all have enough money). Did you see the Larry Gordon perpetual trophy board? That was one of my first wood board projects I got when moving back to San Diego. Next year Doug you’ll have to out do yourself, you can only go up from here

Doug , the board is beautiful, the cause deserving…so how much did the board end up bringing in?

I see yet another wonderful facet of Swaylockian talents waiting to be tapped, polished, and sparkling for those in need.

Nice work, Gil

Thanks for all the kind words guys. We were flabbergasted when the final bidding stopped at $4,400.00!

Jim, your board is a work of art. It really set the right atmosphere for the whole event. The Aloha spirit was everywhere.


Beautiful board. I often think people get so f…ing serious about surfing, I mean it’s not like we’re curing cancer…