sealer over posca pens ?

Is it OK to apply an epoxy seal coat over posca pen pin lines or art? What about poly UV sanding coat over poscas? If not…whst eould you guys recommend. I had planned on sealing the with an acrylic sealer I bought but it says on the can it contains acetone, which I thought was not acceptable over epoxy. Can’t seem to find a water based sealer anywhere. First foam board so quite s few flaws already but trying to limit them at least.
Thanks in advance for the help. This forum has been an enormous asset in my learning curve and a huge help on the processes.

Acrylic spray will work.

Light coat first.

Don’t lay it on too thick at first.

Let flash dry, then apply more.

Yes, you can Hot-coat over it too.

Thank you Barry. I appreciate your time. I’ll try and post up some pics and feedback once I finish.

Make sure you also spray in low humidity! mid day with no fog. I did it once in the fog near San Francisco and it picked up microscopic water in the spray and turned frosty over the color paint pens. I freaked out after spending hours of painting and called the 1-800 number on the acrylic spray can . I did mine over the hot coat and got sick of the art a year later and lightly sanded it off. 

Heya - we work very closely with (Australian seller of Posca pens) and they tell us that the best solution is any acrylic clear spray is fine.  Avoid enamels as it is too brittle (especially where surfboards require a little flex) and enamel will usually yellow over time.  Post your pics at their facebook page - and they usually share it on.

Have fun!


Acylic spay Look for one that is made for outdoor use That has some UV protection in it. 

Timely question for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a customer who wants to do a posca drawing over a sanded hotcoat.

If I want to do a gloss over the posca (poly resin), do I need to seal the posca with anything? I do have Behr acrylic sealer. Or will the gloss resin be OK going over the posca.


I have glossed right over posca pens with no problem…

I do not like to gloss over sealed paint of anykind. I find it looks kinda cheesy… a sanded finish looks ok.

Go very slow on the sand and polish as its pretty easy to sand through.