Sealing Paint Before Lam

Is anyone using anything to seal there paint on the foam before they laminate? Is anyone using anything different then water based acrylics on the foam? Ive had problems with some paint bleeding, not running but just bleeding. It is fully dry when we lay it up. Also on the laps our small squeeges seem to scrape the paint. We try to fold the lap light but it still scraps up a little foam, not ruining the paint job but contaminating other parts of the board.

Howzit klein, Sounds like you used to much water to thin the paint which reduces the acrylic content. The acrylic content is what makes the paint stick to the blank. Get some acrylic paint thinner and make a 50/50 mix of water and thinner and use that to thin the paint. This should eliminate your bleeding problem. Aloha, Kokua

Thinner based auto acrilic paint is used widely in Australia.It does’nt bleed.You can buy aerosol cans at the local auto accesories shop or you can buy in bulk and mix it your self if you have a gun and compressor. Do your EPA laws stop you from using auto paints, or are they to hard to get hold of? David.

Hey…thanks guys for the responses. Kokua I think I will try that. Makes sense plus I dont want to use auto acrylics.

…I use Future floor acrylic…full strength.I believe what Kokua uses is close to,if not the same stuff with a different label,and at a cheaper price by volume…Kokua ,Have you noticed how boards stay white,longer, and are brighter after glassing?I’ve got two boards that are over 8 months old and there’s no sign of yellowing.I usually have my boards bagged while in the vehicle 50%-70% of the time,but it could be the ceramic glaze?But,I’ve only been using the glaze for about 2 months now.Has to be the Future? I’ll do a test and let you know.Herb

Herb…are you using the furtures to spray the foam before lam?

…Yes,I use Future to seal my blanks before and after painting(this is done all before glassing of course).Herb

Howzit Herb, Yes I have noticed the difference. One of the biggest complaints about sanded finishes was how fast and easy they got dirty and that turned people off about them. I’ve been sealing the boards for about 7 years now and when I see a board that’s 6 months or so old and it still looks nice I know I’m doing something right. Aloha, Kokua

…Thanks Kokua,that’s been my experience too! Herb