sealing painted hotcoat with Future acrylic?

For my first board I laminated and just hotcoated, no gloss coat,clear. but now I’ve come up with a paint job i want to try. I thinned the paint with Futures acrylic and sprayed on the hotcoat. Now heres my question, the board is already pretty heavy so i don’t want the weight of a glosscoat. Can I just spray on a few layers of Futures Acrylic to protect the paint without it scratching off the first time i bump the board into something? In the archives everytime someone paints on the hotcoat they gloss over, no one tried sealing it with something else. that may be a hint there but I’m hoping to not add a lot of weight. What do you think?


You can seal it with Future. The boards I put Future on always came out kind of streaky. Might be my technique, however. I have sealed paint on hotcoats using clear acrlic spray paint. I prefer the Krylon. Warm it up in the sun a bit. Neither is a tough as a gloss coat. Tons of stuff in the archives. Search Herb Spitzer. He has a bit to say on these alternatives to gloss. mike

Zach, I’ve tried sealing small areas, namely repairs, with Future Acrylic, but after some exposure to saltwater the Future turned milky. Krylon is better, but not as hard as gloss. It will scratch easier. Doug

Can’t wait to see the finished product man! Talk to you soon.


Use something else,as was said , it turns milky and will scratch easily, ruining your paint job. The krylon will work well and not add any significant weight. Have fun…